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Baby Sitting

Hui-Ling Baby SittingThis can be lucrative especially for responsible teens and adults. People charge between $6.00 and $10.00 per hour depending on how many kids say 1 to 3 kids. More than that and you are worth a bit more.
Start making a list of people who have kids of that age that you know. Let them know that you are a good baby-sitter.

Make a flyer for your neighbors. Relatives are a great source of baby-sitting jobs, although you have to be a bit firm about the idea of you doing this as a business for a set hourly rate, or they may walk all over you. After all, you are a family.

Things to be aware of:
Get information from the parent(s) about any medications that they take and any health issues involved. Ask for as much info as is necessary to handle that end of the responsibility.

Keep handy a list of emergency phone numbers to call especially parents' cell phone - fire and police. Know the telephone number of where you are and the actual street address.

Fire drill. Do you and the kids have a plan in case of fire? Know what to do in case a child is choking or has had a fall etc. A first aid course is a great idea that will serve you well for your whole life.

Know what is expected of you and exactly how many kids and their names.
Plan a ride home. Always pay attention to what and where the kids are.
You shouldn't be expected to entertain the kids but make sure that they are safe.

Promote your business with the word of mouth advertising, local ads, or flyers, etc.
Be aggressive in making contacts that will get your business going. Good things don't just happen because you wish they would. Go get 'em.

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