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Cans and bottles redemption.

Can and bottle image
This sounds like an old boring thing to do, and not very profitable, but it can be quite profitable if you can play your cards right. You can have extra money to pay bills.

Let's face it, turning in a bag of 100 cans may net you $5.00, but that isn't the only game in town.

I have seen people at the nearby recycling center with pickup trucks loaded with bags of just soda cans.

The trick is to find sources of the cans. One person I had heard about put out a small trash can in the cafeteria where he works, with a sign reading "RECYCLE CANS HERE".

It had a plastic bag liner. He picked it up after lunch every day.

A fella I know personally who has a penchant for living on the edge of poverty used to go out on recycling day and pilfer the cans and bottles from the local recycling bins that homeowners put on the street for the city to collect.

Eventually, the police told him that he had to stop.

Festivals and fairs and large public gatherings often have vendors selling drinks. The bottles and cans end up discarded in garbage cans and on the ground, in bushes.

Now, that is a fun game for kids! Who can collect the most cans? Give them a bonus, they earned money.

A man that works in a day camp for kids puts barrels out for recycling and cashes in the recyclables about once a week.

You could have a family contest to see who can collect the most recyclable bottles and cans. An afternoon at the local park with the kids, if you have any, can net you a few bucks, and you all get some exercise to boot.

This is just one way to get some quick cash I suggest doing more than just collecting cans and bottles for a living. Read some of the other suggestions on this site.

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