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Collect money owed to you.

fist full of dollars

Now you are stuck for a buck, and you are thinking about how to raise some money to pay the bills.

Have you kept a list of people who owe you money?

It may be time to get onto making the phone to these folks.

First of all, make a call that is a gentle reminder that they remember the debt.

This way they have the opportunity to pay you right away without embarrassment.

They also know that you won't be forgetting about it.

After the appropriate amount of time, a second call should be initiated whereby you let them know that you really need the money and are demanding payment.

At this point, you will want a commitment to when the money will be repaid.

From experience, I like to use the pregnant pause.

Ask for a meeting to get your money and ask if this evening or tomorrow would be better.

Then don't say another word. Leave nothing but dead silence from your end, and wait as long as it takes. Let them reply.

That will be the commitment or refusal.

If they don't follow through after this, then take further action.

Tell them that you'll be calling your lawyer today, and would like to give them the opportunity to resolve the debt.

You mention that you are going to enquire about a lien on their property. That might be just the bluff needed.

If the amount is large enough, have your lawyer write a letter threatening legal action. You can file a claim in small claims court.

If they don't show up, it becomes a legal matter with the court, and not just a civil action.

Whatever you do don't threaten to do violence or anything illegal to get your money. It can and has backfired on people.

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