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Company Paid Education

Some companies will actually pay for your education. It is to their advantage to build loyalty of good employees who will be a serious asset to them.

I knew a person who worked in a hospital in the laundry room at an entry level position.

He used the companies free education program to pay for employee education.

mortarboard capRising through the ranks with each degree earned at the local university he became one of the top executives of the hospital.

He went to school a few nights a week and never paid for any of it.

Had he been terminated or quit he had already gained a free education that would enable him to get a very good position elsewhere.

His sister started as a lab assistant while just out of high school. This was the lowest position available in that department.

Over the course of several years, she went to school nights, paid for by the hospital, and has earned a bachelors degree in 3 separate fields as well as a Masters in one. She rose to the top of her department.

She is assured of a job no matter what would happen to her current employment.

This is a slightly longer term approach to the problem of getting more money to pay the bills. It is a very good one though.

Take a look at your current work situation. Does your company offer this type of benefit? If you are young, it would be of great value.

It might be well worth the effort to find another job with a company that offers this ability to get an education and rise up in the pay scale even if you start out a bit lower in pay.

Again this is a longer term approach to earning money to pay the bills.

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