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Consign Clothes

woman with two dresses

If you want to sell your clothes on consignment, first look through your closet and storage and round up any clothes that you don't use.

You may also have some antique clothing items and accoutrements.

Shoes are also a good seller. Those two toned shoes that were popular in the 40's and 50's may not be available new.

The antique clothes are best sold or consigned to an antique clothes shop or period costume shop or dealer.

You'll have to look up the local merchant for that particular category, but the price you'll get is usually higher.

I have seen an antique clothes/costume shop that sold stuff to people who were in a swing dance class and liked to dress in 30's and 40's period clothes. The demand was high there, and so was the price.

Any clothes that you want to sell should be in good shape without stains or damage, and actually be something a person, however strange they may be, would actually wear.

Regular clothes should be grouped to sell by season. They can be separately categorised, such as men's, women's, boy or girl teen's, children's and infants clothes.

Visit a store and check out the merchandise to get an idea of pricing.
The store will have to spell out their policy for consignment of the clothes.

Find out how long they will display items before the unsold articles of clothing must be returned to you.

They will have a pre-determined percentage of the retail price to split.

Both antique clothing stores and regular consignment shops will usually also carry ladies handbags, jewelry and scarves etc.

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