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Newspaper delivery to earn money

You can earn extra cash each week by doing your own business of newspaper delivery.

I remember clearly that the newspaper publishers never wanted to hire a person to deliver papers because of all of the legal liabilities involved.

You had to state that you were self employed and were in the newspaper delivery business.newspaper1

I learned that lesson at 15 years of age.

No retirement plan, no health insurance, but what the heck... I made a few bucks.

Some papers are delivered in the morning. Some other publications are delivered in after school hours of the 3PM to 5PM time slot.

My favorite part is the tips.

If you are polite and smile with an exchange of newspaper2pleasantries, you could get more.

There are regular jobs in newspaper delivery such as using a vehicle to distribute the large quantities of papers to the delivery sites where the home deliverers would pick them up each day.

That was a paid job. You are hired by the newspaper as an employee.

The delivery routes are usually short enough so that you can walk a route in from a half hour to 2 hours each day depending on several factors.

The best are neighborhoods where the houses are close together and apartment blocks and housing complexes.

Delivering in the countryside is tough.

There is too much space between customers.

So to earn some money with newspapers call your local paper and ask about it.

Go out there and earn a few dollars more a week.

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