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Elder Sitting Service

Old Woman Earn a part time income. Make money easily. Get paid cash sometimes. It's like baby sitting but totally different.

Here is an e-mail from a reader.

"I have 1 suggestion.
In the past, I worked overnight for an elderly woman who didn't need help, just a person to be there if she had a problem during the night. I don't know what this pays now, but you have to sleep anyway, right?
I did this for 11 years, 2 nights a week and every 3rd Saturday.

At that time, it paid for travel expenses for a month in Ireland every year, plus more. If she hadn't run out of money and moved to a nursing home, I'd probably still be doing it. You may need a CORI check these days. I will probably do it again this year, one night a week. Denya"

Thanks Denya, that is a great idea.

Here is some info about the CORI check, as it is used in Massachusetts.

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record Information.

It's a record of your Massachusetts criminal history.

It includes any time you were arraigned in court on a criminal charge, no matter what the final outcome of the charge was.

You could check to see if your state requires a criminal background check and for what kind of employment if you are concerned that it would interfere.

Here is a helpful link for that. CORI check info page

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