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Garage Sale or yard sale

yard sale Time to make some quick cash.

Earn money selling what you don't want anyway.

Generate a fast income. Kill two birds with one stone.

Clean up and get rid of stuff that you don't need and make some money at the same time.

If you need help make it a family affair.

Here is the trick, to make more money with it.

I overheard some people talking about the weekly summer garage sale that they had.

  Apparently they sold almost all of the things that they could sell from their home and garage and then found deals on stuff at flea markets to add to the weekly garage sale.

It got to the point where some folks would drive by, and stop to look.

They would come back again the next week.

If you can get away with it in your neighborhood, then what the heck?

Why not have a garage sale? You'll enjoy the extra income.

Plan ahead for your flea market

You'll need change coins and bills.

If you have tarps available, make sure that they are nearby to cover the products in case of sudden bad weather.

Use an extension cord for electrical items to prove that they do function properly. Round up some tables to display the items.  

Antiques are a big seller, even if they are broken or in bad shape.

What is junk to one person is a goldmine to another. Memorabilia of all sorts sell really well.

You can sell more of a specific item if it is the proper season for that item.

As an example, you can sell "Back To School" things at the end of the summer, and beach toys in the late spring early summer, etc. You get the idea..

You can make flyers on your home computer and put them up locally.

The local newspaper might offer cheap of free ads.

has a category called "Garage and Moving Sales" and it is free to put your ad there.

Your church or local clubs or groups have news pamphlets and flyers where you  might advertise.

Hmm, Free lemonade?

E-mail! Aha! It's as cheap as can be. Send a newsletter style email to everyone on your contact list who lives nearby.

You might want to mention the general categories of items for sale.

The more variety the better the response will be.

In all of my endeavors I have found that to succeed in getting a lot of people to come to a performance or party or event, I needed to do more work to remind people and reach more people than would be expected.

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