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Home - Office Cleaning

Cleaning toolsNeed to make money? Get the cash to pay bills.

Some people are good at cleaning and organizing. That skill can turn into a convenient income. Here are some ways to start...

You may have elderly neighbors who need a bit of tidying in the house.

If you had a couple of customers within walking distance, it would work out well.

There is a small office building nearby they might need someone to clean offices after hours.

You may have neighbors that have kids and 2 jobs. They aren't home enough to take care of the cleaning etc in their house. Make them an offer.

It would give them a break and you may gain a customer.

If you drive to work, you may notice opportunity that you can get into on the way home.

Some small real estate office or car sales office or the like that might need an hour or so of tidying a day.

My friend Paulette has an office in a building with a group of other professionals.

A Family Affair

Her sons needed income so when the opportunity arose she got the job of cleaning the offices for her teenage son.

When he went to college, his younger brother inherited the job.

They came to work on Saturday with her and once a week after school mid week. That was an easy one.   If you like a more professional approach, you can also get more money per hour.

A vehicle and your own cleaning supplies, business cards, professional attire all give a better impression. Either way, there is an opportunity.

Tell people about your idea and promote your self. Use social networking to let people know about your interest in doing that business.

Church groups, clubs, parties, social events are all good places to chat people up. Let them know about you.

You could go through the neighborhood and put flyers in the mailboxes advertising your business.

I like the idea of a neighborhood based business only because you can get home quickly and it is not such a time consuming burden to drive or walk a long distance to a customer who may only need an hour or two or services.

It need not be, however, but do consider travel expense and time.

Here is some info on tax deductions that may be helpful for you to understand the many tax deductions that you are entitled to.

You can also start a temp agency that specializes in domestic and office cleaning.
Make a list of opportunities and move forward.

Contact potential customers. Have a goal of how many customers or how much money you need to earn.

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