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Inheritance Advance

Get your inheritance money now! You can get paid cash now and then wait for the probate to distribute the funds.

This will give you money to pay the bills. Get extra income faster.

Well this is a doozy of an idea, and there are companies that do it.

You can get money now by selling part of your inheritance money for an agreed upon amount. In some cases, this can happen in less than a week.

You must be entitled to inherit from an estate or trust.


This deal isn't a loan to be paid back

Your credit rating, employment verification or references or any job situation won't matter at all as it has nothing to do with the inheritance income.

A company that is offering this service might well ask for a credit report.

It would be used, for the most part, to determine that there are no judgments, child support or bankruptcy proceedings that might interfere with payment of the assignment.

A bad credit record by itself, including delinquencies, discharges in bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc., won't stop an heir from getting an advance.

The company gets paid after the inheritance is distributed. They assume a certain amount of risk as you can imagine so of course they make something for their effort. You still can have it sooner. Get your money to pay the bills.

If you have a large inheritance, you can plan for the future, and possibly quit your job or just take a vacation...whatever. Be careful in your decision making.

Be sure to ask about the tax regulations that apply. You might want to use a lawyer that has experience in this particular field or deal with a trusted company.

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