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Earn money doing lawn care and get paid for landscaping and fix-it services

Do you own a lawnmower? Congratulations!

You are in business. Now you can earn money and increase your income.

Here are a few tips on how to start a part time lawn care business.

For starters, there are most likely homeowner/renters within walking distance who have lawns.

Since by nature, most people would rather watch someone mow a lawn than do it themselves, you are in a good position to line up clients.

The best, most likely clients, are elderly or wealthy or both.

If I were a doctor earning half a million dollars a year, I would rather come home to a manicured lawn than do it myself.

Ordinary people will pay someone to do lawn care, as well.

Some folks are working 2 jobs and don't have any time for themselves so there you are...

You've found a built in potential client.

You can generate an income year around, as well.

The most basic part of the job is cutting the lawn.

You can make it into a regular part time business by keeping an eye out for secondary work like raking leaves in a wooded area, painting the garage, shoveling snow or cleaning gutters.

It can be a year round money earning enterprise.

Get a pair of hedge clippers and you have extended your business and earning ability.

A power washer is a great thing to have since you can really clean the sidewalks and driveways as well as the outside of a house.

All you have to do is decide to get into the business and make up some flyers to get out to your neighbors.

Pay them a visit as a follow up. As a 14 year old I had a regular job tending a victory garden, and cutting lawns.

Dad would say "Keeps the kids out of trouble". The more flexible you are in what you are wiling to do, the better the money you can get.

If you have the magnetic business cards made, be sure that your clients have them stuck on the fridge, they won't forget you for other things.

Here's some info on tax deductions that may be helpful for you to understand the many tax deductions that you are entitled to.
Make a list of opportunities and move forward. Contact potential customers.

Have a goal of how many customers or how much money you need to earn.
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