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Make a deal for a percentage

HandshakeGet paid more money.

There are many opportunities to increase your income at your regular job by offering a service or a form of partnership to the company.

Here are some examples...

A man earned an income working for a band that travelled to perform all over the east coast of USA.

He was the sound engineer, travelling with the band and set up his modest equipment.

He was paid less than the members of the band.

He saved his money and when they had truck problems he jumped in and made a very profitable per-mile deal, so they hired him to do the truck transportation for everything.

Then he spent the money for better sound equipment that gave them an increase in income from a competitive edge in larger venues.

He offered to record them every night so that they could review the performances.

He negotiated this for an extra for 10% of the gross which was free of percentages to agents and other costs.

Needless to say, he was paid more money than them, his income had tripled and in the end and when the band broke up he was well known and went into freelance concert sound work for big bucks.

Donald worked for a company selling medical supplies to hospitals and medical professionals.

He soon realized that he could get exclusive distribution rights in his area on several products that weren't in his company's catalog and then get his company to carry the line.

He was now a partner. Don more than tripled his earnings / income in the first year.

Look for opportunity

What can you offer to your company that will save them money and increase their profit?

Negotiate from a position of strength. Position yourself to be the single person who can do it.

A wonderful man that I have known for many years was the caretaker at a large park with lots of trees and wooded area.

Whenever there was a storm, he would have to clear the fallen trees. So he cut them up into firewood and brought it home for his extended family and sold the rest.

The park administration just wanted to get rid of the fallen trees and didn't mind his side business.

He could earn as much from firewood as his paycheck provided.

These are examples. Take your situation and think about how the basic idea here can apply to you.
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