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Money in the couch, etc

Dollars and CoinsAs silly as it seems you can start hunting around and find spare change and money in the house and car.

While you're at home check in or under every cushion on all of the stuffed and upholstered chairs or sofas in the house.

I once had almost $15.00 on the floor of my car and under the seats. Old coats ans pants pockets as well as unused pocketbooks are a wonderful source for spare change and sometimes paper money.

I used to have a car with an ashtray (I don't use it - I don't smoke). It had bills and change stuffed into it.

The money accumulated

From me stashing the change after I paid when I went through a fast food drive through window.

I have found money in clothes pockets from last season, and my friend found $40.00 in an old pocketbook.

It is a last minute way to rustle up some cash.

I found a small piggy bank from many years ago in a box of mementos that had collectable coins in it.

I used to keep a large mouthed wine bottle on the bookcase to dump spare change in at the end of each day. You might have the equivalent sort of thing.

So make a game of it for yourself, and see what you can come up with.
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