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Part Time Business

Dollar Signs Earn money to pay the bills. Get the cash through a part time business. Increase your income.


If you don't like anything about a business, you will probably not succeed.

A good way to come to a conclusion is to make a list of things you like to do and interests that you have, then make a list of things that you can do. 

Study these to make a list of endeavors that could earn money.

stack of money

Sell Stuff At Work

People that I know personally have increased their income while actually at work at their regular job.

Here are several examples...

Home - Office Cleaning

cleaning tools

Some people are good at cleaning and organizing.

That skill can turn into a convenient income.

You can do it for just a few hours a week or full time.

It depends on the deal at hand.

Here are some ways to start...

Elder Sitting Service

It's like baby sitting but totally different.  Here is an e-mail from a reader.

Click Elder Sitting Service to read it.

Hui-Liong and Baby

Baby Sitting

This can be lucrative especially for responsible teens and adults.

People charge between $6.00 and $10.00 per hour.. Click here to read more


Earn money doing lawn care and get paid for landscaping and fix-it services.

 Do you own a lawnmower? Congratulations!  You are in business.

Now you can earn money. Click here for a few tips on how to start



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