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Sell Stuff At Work

Stack of MoneyPeople that I know personally have increased their income, generating cash while actually at work at their regular job.

Here are several examples.

My pal Eduardophilopatsi worked in a factory where his job kept him at a sit down station.

Every day he brought a rather large cooler to work filled with cold soda.

The story here is that you can buy the soda on sale or wholesale for as little as 33 cents a can and sell it for $1.00 each.

Needless to say, the factory was always a little too warm, and he always sold out.

PS:This way he took home as much money as his boss.

  My pals Jess and Mike have side businesses.

She does bartending and sells a line of cosmetics, scented candles etc. over the bar.

She also hands out his business cards and promotes his enterprise.

He does airport runs, house sitting, expert car care, pet sitting and runs errands.

His livery service is popular.

Some nursing home activity bosses have had bake sales.

It ends up where most of the sales are to fellow employees and family coming to visit. They do this regularly to pay for professional entertainment and day trips for residents.

An employee of a local firm ran a side business of supplying day laborers to his boss as needed on a contract basis.

There are many lines of products that have totally figured out a system for you to sell. Look for the need and fill it. It is basic.

When you are at work look around and evaluate the situation, make a list of ideas, then pick one that would work for you. If that doesn't work try another.

Don't worry too much about what other people might think. They don't have to pay your bills.

The bottom line is that you can earn more from the sales than you do from your paycheck if you do this well.

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