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red car

Sell a car and get quick cash

You need to earn some money quickly and need the cash to pay bills.

There is an interesting trick that you might be able to do here to improve your chances of raising money.

If you are married, or otherwise a couple, and have two cars that are of equal importance, you can try to sell both cars at once!

The second that first one sells, take the second car off of the market and keep it.

This doubles your chances of getting some fast money.

It could be that you only really need one car.

One person can take the other person to work or school or whatever and you can both share that remaining vehicle.

It could be a short term solution to an immediate cash problem.

Later when you are on your feet you can buy another car.
blue car

Two Ways to sell a Car

You can do it a few ways, but the two best ways likely are to advertise them yourself in the most successful car ad publication, and advertise it for free on Craigslist.

You could put a "For Sale" sign with a phone number, and price in the window of the cars.

Park them where they can most readily be seen when you are not using them.

The other idea is to allow a used car sale lot to take it on consignment.

This is more difficult if you give the used car lot both cars, and then change your mind once one car sells.

I would do a thorough cleaning and detailing of the vehicles and get one of the little bottles of new car smell and perfume your vehicle so that it will be more attractive.

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