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Time for a job promotion

Handshake 2You need more money. You have been doing well with the company, and you can see that you could handle a lot more responsibility.

You know of a better position opening up, and you want it.

A better income means money to pay the bills.

Do you have a current resume?

You should position yourself to be in the spotlight for the job.

It's whom you know and whom you can gain influence with that will help behind the scenes.

A helpful plan, would be to make a list of the people that you will need on your side behind the scenes, to speak well of you and support your effort.

Do whatever you need to do to feel confident that they will support you if asked.


A Resume

The resume may be important for another company just a bit more than your current employer.

In a meeting, a solid piece of paper outweighs braggadocio and it shows that you are prepared enough to apply elsewhere even if you don't say that you will.

Besides bringing in a resume, more specifically, make a list for the person hiring for the new position of the real advantages that you will bring to the specific job that you want.

Show real enthusiasm but don't get up and dance on the boss' desk.

During the interview, show an intimate knowledge of the job and show that you would associate well with the people who would be your new co-workers in the interview.

Use their names, if you know whom they are mentioning.

Mention how much you respect their effort for the company.

Asking someone who is respected in the company, to give a good referral to the boss is very useful.

I believe that these kinds of office politics are most valuable. Go get 'em.

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