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Work Overtime

100 bill and changeSo you need a few extra bucks? Do you need money to pay the bills?

If you can handle it, put in for overtime.

A lot of companies offer overtime and the pay can be very good. I have friends in the medical profession who earn quite a bit more because of overtime.

   Some jobs require that you stay on the job for longer periods of time and so offer good overtime pay.

I have heard of the State police officers in some states earning ridiculous amounts of overtime pay.

  I have friends who work in television production and can really rack up the hours.

Some one day sports events, for example, require setting up for 6 to 8 hours and doing the show for another 4 hours, and then packing up the gear for 2 or 3 hours.

So they are into a lot more than the 8 hour day.

A good friend of mine works in TV production and has done several jobs like this.

The pay is good to start with but working a 16 hour day really gets him a good paycheck.
Some companies pay overtime at time and a half for a few hours and then bump it up to double time and a half.

You could almost double your take home pay if you can get the overtime work.

Pay attention to who is in charge

of doling out these extra hours of work.

If everybody can't get the overtime, then you have to compete for it.

Negotiate with your boss in advance to be chosen by showing that you have the physical and mental ability to handle it better than the rest.

Some people are working overtime and not getting paid for it.

If you have a history of working overtime, for only regular time pay, you can sue your employer. Many have, and get the money owed to them back in a lump sum.

Here is a news transcript about overtime and government regulation.
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