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Try selling on Amazon

This is a good web site that has been around for many years now.
You can buy and sell used and new items on the web site.
Once you get to the site you will have to create an account and get going with it.

I have sold about 40 items on Amazon. My friend has sold several used books.

This web site differs from eBay in that you don't bid but often the same item is for sale by different people for far ranging prices, some new and some used.

If you have a bunch of good old books, for example, you should look into what they are going for.

Today I saw a 1940's edition copy of a Hemingway book that I also have a copy of going for over a hundred dollars.

Got your attention!

Amazon sells an incredible variety of items and downloads, as well.
Take a look to see what you have and if you can make some quick money.
It is a can be lucrative so give it a serious look and maybe try it.

Here is a link to a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you sell something on Amazon, and offer a good price to the buyer, you will sell it more quickly if there are other of the same item listed by some other sellers.
Good luck

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