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Car Pool Driver

carYou drive to work every day. Need to earn more money?
It may be time to get up the nerve to do a simple thing.

Take a look at your co-workers and figure out who lives where and if their location is somewhat convenient to pick them up each day that you also work.

The sales pitch... and I loved this one as I used it when I was younger. You can inform them that they can:

  • Get to work faster because you can now ride in the HOV lane.

  • Get some extra sleep or at least more rest on the way into work.

  • Save on gas.

  • Reduce wear and tear on their vehicle.

  • Avoid the extra stress that driving involves.

  • Arrive fresh and ready to go to work.

  • Work on the laptop or make calls.

  • That would mean getting paid to do outside work while not driving.

  • Give them a pillow and a blanket if it makes them happy.
  • A lot of folks drive 20 minutes to more than an hour into work.

    Figure out your fuel cost for the trip as it is then use a map/driving directions site to figure out the additional miles that may be involved.

    Is it worth it for Joe in the next office or is he too far out of the way?

    How many folks can you carry?

    Boil the list down to what will be practical and then prioritize the list by deciding who would be most advantageous to ferry a back and forth.

    Work out a price based on distance.

    With your sales pitch at the ready, sign them up.

    You could be coming home with extra money like $50.00 to $200.00 bucks in your pocket each week.

    Most people would pay with cash. Make a plan and do it. Car pool.