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You can earn money with Craigslist. It's a super web site where people buy and sell goods and services.

They have a free stuff section, as well.

Just about anything that you might consider selling on E-bay you can sell on Craigslist.

The thing about CL is that there is no one to back you up for getting scammed, but you aren't that stupid so be sensible.

Don't send anything to a person based on a potentially bad check.
There are scammers out there. Most people are not scammers.

I really prefer to deal locally, and the buyer has to come to my place with cash. Use a bill of sale describing the item and keep a copy if you like.

I sold a motorcycle last year, and the deal went very well.

Spend some time on the site and you will find that there are job opportunities for full and part-time jobs and goods and services for sale.

You can easily put an ad on CraigsList. It is FREE! You need an e-mail address, and that's about it. So if, you have goods or services that you want to offer give it a try.

Craigslist covers many different sections of the USA with a separate page for each section.

To sell something to a person who is going to have to come to you, it may be best to find your area on the list on the home page.

I have shopped for things in the nearby areas, as well.

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