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girl walking dog

Walking dogs for money.

You can earn some cash to pay bills by walking dogs, or one dog at least.
Take note of which neighbors have dogs and if they are potential customers. You might send a well written dog walking resume to them or a simple flyer. Follow up with a visit if need be. You don't get anywhere by being shy.

A lot of elderly folks love their dogs but just can't get out to walk the dog as much as the dog should be walked and exercised. Some folks are too busy. A pal in my neighborhood walks with two German Shepherds. They go around the local "park" (cemetery) every day.

  Perhaps he is visiting his ancestors graves, but the dogs at least are getting great exercise.

A lady near me goes by with a pack of miniature poodles on several leashes.

I asked some folks from a vet's office and learned a few things that are helpful in starting a part time, dog walking business.

Here's what I learned.

Check to be sure that the collar has the dogs name and owners phone number and or address, in case the dog manages to get away and not return to you.

The latest thing is to have a vet implant a microchip in the dog.

Watch out for other dogs. Try to stay away from them to avoid interaction.

Make sure that you can control the dog in the event that he wants to bite someone or another dog. The dog may need more training in this area. Use a comfortable collar.

Think about, how you'd feel wearing one.

Don 't let the dog off of the leash unless you are in a dog park and sure that he or she will return when called.

Be nice to the dog and don't pull hard on the leash because you can hurt the neck, just a gentle, back pressure so that they get the idea.

Puppies are best walked in a body harness so that their necks aren't injured.

The ground can be uncomfortable in the winter with ice on their naked paws. Most dogs aren't bred like huskies.

Have you ever walked on hot pavement barefooted? Consider that the dog may not like it if it burns his or her with dog

The neighbors dog needed to sniff the new collar first because it made him nervous.

After that, he was OK with it.

You may have to do some training with the dog to behave properly with a leash.

Don't let them eat stuff that they find. Bring treats to help with training and keep them from being too hungry.

They do get thirsty so you might bring a bottle of water for you and one for the dog if you plan to be gone for an extended time.

If or when they poop, you scoop. Never leave a surprise for your neighbors to step in.

Check this site for a dog organization and it's info.

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