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Donate Plasma

Needle and bloodYou can earn money. This can be great to have extra cash for emergencies and to pay the bills.

It may differ from place to place, but I hear that you can earn from $20.00 to $50.00 I know that there are quite a few that did pay $35.00 a while ago.

This is donating plasma not whole blood with red cells.
You can go twice a week the most.

The process including interview and health history and initial physical exam can take a few hours at first, but each time afterwards it goes faster as they already have your basic info and just need updates.


You should eat a couple of hours before the episode and drink fluids.

The process is no sweat. Sit down in a chair, and a needle is placed into a vein in your arm.

It only hurts a little bit at the needle prick.

The machine on the other end takes blood from you and removes some plasma and returns your blood to your body.

So, sit there are read a book or there usually is a TV as well as magazines.

I wonder if you could take a nap?

The actual donating should take about a half an hour.

The amount that you can donate is based on your weight.

The usual age and weight requirements are at least 17 years old and at least 110 pounds.

Your blood will be tested for HIV and hepatitis etc.  You should call ahead for any questions.

You get paid to do a very good deed!

The yellow pages list plasma donation centers.

There are 500 + of them in the US. Often there are blood drives located on or near University campuses.

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